Why Knoxville Is a Great Place for Kids? An Article Written By a Father Raising a Son in Knoxville

I live in Knoxville, and I am raising a son here. But I have often thought about why Knoxville is an excellent place for families. For me, families need three things in a place they live in to thrive. Those three things are education, fitness and health activities, and art and culture. Let’s take a brief look at why Knoxville is great for families.

Community Building and Education

For all we know every parent seek what they think is best for their children. And I’m proud to say that I’m one of those parents.

But the thing is, most parents somehow differ of how they want to raise their kids. Some prefer the stricter way. Some choose the gentle approach. And there are those who think that it’s better if their children learn on their own.

Obviously, the methods for raising our sweet little darlings are not limited by those three general approaches. You know, we must always consider the vastness of the world for every aspect of life especially if it’s for the purpose of development.

The cultures of each nation differ from each other. And ultimately with different cultures bring forth different ways of livings respective to communities. Due to that, every family also tend to differ on how they raise their young ones.

But certainly, it’s not the case when it comes to education. There could be no such thing as discrepancies with most parents out there who only want to acquire the best possible education for their children. We could say that education is the most common denominator between parents across the globe.

Pretty much every one of us, parents, want to at least make our children literate for particular reasons such as to thrive harder in this ever-evolving world of ours. We know that it’s one of the best things we could offer to them throughout our entire life. Education is a form of legacy. A thing that could last forever, generations to generations, with our own brand deeply embedded on to it.

And it just so happens that Knoxville has many educational opportunities that families can take advantage of and use.

One example is The Muse which is an excellent place for families. With over 4,000 square feet, kids can build and explore while they learn. When you visit, make sure you look at it from a kid’s perspective. Otherwise, you won’t really experience how incredible this place is.

But most likely, considering how innocent children are, The Muse won’t probably be able to suffice their massive curiosity about the world. So why don’t you make them visit Zoo Knoxville? I’m pretty sure it will give them a significant amount of knowledge that could help their early development.

If you didn’t know, Zoo Knoxville is a major zoo in Tennessee that is sure to pack a lot of fun and learning in a single day. The zoo is very youth-friendly, with a dedicated area for kids. There, you’ll find various activities for your young ones such as sandpits, water features, and an indoor play area to climb and explore. But the real stars of the show of Zoo Knoxville are of course the different kinds of animals living there.

Guides have regular tours to help kids and adults learn about the lifestyle of animals in the wild and as well as in the zoo. When visiting, be sure you don’t forget to catch the show of Einstein, one of the smartest birds you’ll ever meet. Moreover, you must stop along the way and watch the river otters frolic because they’re just too adorable and entertaining to watch. And whatever you’re planning to do, you should have a sight and spend some time with my personal favorite, the Red Panda. I don’t want to ruin your fun by spoiling so many attractions of the Zoo. But I want to recommend everyone to at least have a single visit to it because there’s so much fun you can get.

Now that we’re done discussing Zoo Knoxville, let’s proceed on a few prominent educational and historical heritage that serves as incredible learning opportunities.

Let’s start with one good example, the James White Fort. This special place at Knoxville provides a glimpse of life as it was back in the early years of Knoxville. Aside from experiencing the life of the past, you’ll also learn why they call the fort “The Birthplace of Knoxville.”

The Historic Ramsey House is another fine example of Knoxville’s commitment to education. It is a well-maintained example of one of the first residents of Knoxville. The tour guides do a great job of making you understand what it was like living at that time in history. You are sure to walk away with a better understanding of life in the early 1800s after a visit.

Any discussion about learning activities in Knoxville would need to mention AMSE – The American Museum of Science and Energy. This place is only a short drive from Knoxville. Once there, you’ll find that it has many fascinating and educational exhibits. Curious young minds and old ones will love exploring AMSE.

Furthermore, you would get the chance to learn so much more about Knoxville at McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture. Surely, families will enjoy the archaeological and Civil War exhibits in there. In addition to that, you can also learn about geology, fossils, and many more with just a single visit.

Seems a lot eh? But I tell you, I’ve only scratched the surface of all the learning opportunities you could find at Knoxville. The truth is, I could probably write an entire book and still have so many things to say about this magnificent city of Tennessee. Starting from the Knoxville Historic Homes Tour to so much more, you name it! Knoxville is simply a great place for learning.

Fitness and Health Activities

Taking care of our health is one way of respecting God’s most wonderful gift, our life. But first things first, we must admit it, all of us can’t really appreciate every blessing in our life. The reason? Well, it’s simply because God’s blessings are overwhelming that it’s quite hard to absorb all the information around us.

Just try to imagine, a minor problem or even those humongous ones are actually all blessings in disguise. Why? It’s because adversities and struggles make us a lot stronger after overcoming them. They also make the taste of every bit of future accomplishments more satisfying and tastier.

Perhaps we don’t really have the ability to perceive these kinds of things but it would be helpful, and a win-win situation for us if we know how to get fit and healthier (both in mind and body).

To put simply, becoming fit and being able to live longer could take us to countless possible opportunities of savoring the genuine flavors of life and be grateful.

Here’s a great tip. Sadness, disappointments, bitterness, trials, hardships, and all those adversities you’ll be encountering sooner or later are in fact wonderful things that you’ll ever get in your entire life. A seemingly-absurd statement right? But hey, those negative stuff is the primary basis of what will be the flavor of your upcoming achievements.

The more you know how sour a flavor is, the more you’ll understand what “sweetness” is. After all, it’s impossible to describe a matter without their counterparts, right?

We’re given the chance to choose the healthy way of living. Why don’t we grab that opportunity?

Just take a look at Knoxville. In this city, there are many ways for families to stay active and fit. It has the Great Smoky Mountain National Park at its doorstep. But Knoxville also has its own outdoor fun.

Whether you want to take a run, walk, hike, or bike, you’ll find Greenway system in Knoxville. It offers over 85 miles of paved greenways. You’ll discover paths that meander by historic parks, rivers, ridges, and streams along the way. Many walkers, runners, and bike riders use this invaluable resource every single day.

Eventually, you’ll found yourself at IJams Nature Center. It’s like a wildlife sanctuary, and it’s only minutes away from downtown. IJams has over ten miles of trails to take in and plenty of places to explore. One of my favorite walks there is the route that takes you down by the river’s edge. There are always plenty to do at IJams, and you must try some.

On the other hand, Knoxville Urban Wilderness is a new addition to the area, and it has grown to encompass IJams. Together they offer over 1,000 forested acres along the south waterfront.

You will find many exciting things in the Knoxville Urban Wilderness. It has over 40 miles of multi-use trails. You’ll also find ten parks, four civil war sites, and unparalleled natural features. And to think, I didn’t even mention the view.

Surely, upon visiting these few places, you’ll love the world even more. And yourself.

Knoxville is one of the best big towns in the south for families who want to get healthy and live longer for their loved ones. I tell you, you will not run out of fun and healthy activities to do here.

Art and Culture

Back in the days, art along with culture were classified as prominent pillars for the development of one’s individuality. People from the past highly regard these two aspects of life to the point that they would devote their entire life to excel with it.

If they can’t become renown, they pass their will into their children. The good thing is that their children completely accept art and culture without any sort of hesitation or doubt because they’re also fond of these two, and continued the process.

Yes, we can’t hide the fact that art and culture are both essential to shaping the minds of children and adults. Surprisingly, art and culture aren’t limited to people’s development because they also help the entire world to prosper and thrive to new greater heights of advancement.

Now, did you notice how we’re talking about how art and culture help the entire ” world” to flourish? But what if it’s not the world that’s getting aid from these two aspects but only a tiny portion of the world?

Can you imagine how impactful it is? I mean, we’re talking about how great of a help art and culture to the world is. And implementing these two aspects to a little portion of the world is too great of an advantage. That’s right. Knoxville excels once again by utilizing these two particulars through means of providing many art and culture materials, and establishments within the city.

Families might get surprised to learn that there is a robust and professional children’s theater in town. The Knoxville Children’s Theatre (KCT) gives the privilege for children to experience being on a stage, and develop their self-esteem to a higher extent. Every production has a story to tell especially because all of the cast gives their best for a total-packaged experience for the audience and the children playing their roles.

But of course, kids don’t only learn how to act and discipline themselves at KCT, because they are also given the chance to learn what goes on behind the curtain since they do everything needed to put on the best play they can offer to the audience. From lighting to stage management, children at KCT do it all with minimal supervision. And essentially because of their involvement to live theater, children will unconsciously develop a long-lasting love for it. It’s just a fantastic opportunity for children and their families to experience.

Aside from KCT, the Knoxville Museum of Art is also a nice place to spend an afternoon with your family. There you’ll find a lot of works of art, incorporating a wide variety of mediums and styles. The museum also has traveling exhibits that come to town. These serve to bring in many impressive works. I can’t say enough good things about the M. C. Escher exhibit when it was here.

When talking about art and culture, music simply plays a big part in it. And since we’re discussing music, you should know that Knoxville has an active music scene. Places like Open Chord invite people to perform as they celebrate local talent. You’ll find many people playing live music in Market Square in the heart of downtown.

Speaking of Market Square, you’ll also find live plays going on there at different times of the year. Some of my favorites include Shakespeare performances in a relaxing environment. You can have dinner at one of the excellent restaurants on Market Square and stick around for a show.

You know, there are just so many art and theater showcases that I want to discuss here but sadly, I don’t have the room for it. I do have to at least mention the Clarence Brown Theater and Theatre Knoxville Downtown. With a single visit, you’ll find that the arts are alive and sound in the lovely city of Knoxville.

The takeaway is that Knoxville is a unique and vibrant place which has everything a family needs to feel right at home. It has many opportunities in education, fitness and health, as well as art and culture. Yup! You can find it all in this big small town of Knoxville.

By: Greg

Freelance Writer

February 09, 2019

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