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Enjoy the fresh taste of locally-produced and naturally-creamy milk. Weigel's delivers you the freshest milk from the farm-to-store within 24 hours.

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Weigel's Milk

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Description of Weigel's Milk

Weigel’s makes their milk the old-fashioned way, and they never compromise on quality. All milk is from local East Tennessee farms, and it is distributed from their facility in north Knoxville.

The direct line from farmers, to stores, to your refrigerator, is almost as direct as you can get. You deserve the convenience of the freshest local milk at a price you can afford.

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  • Freshness
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Weigel's Milk Facebook Posts & Google Reviews

Google place reviews

Weigel Stores Inc.

This assembly of Weigel’s stores is a great help to our communities. Large, clean, hot food, large bathrooms, and always hopping with activity. Very impressive. I probably stop daily for gas for my stump grinder and truck. I really appreciate what you have done with the place Billy 🙂
I would've probably given 3 stars for just the incident I'm gonna mention. However, they dropped to one star for the way they handled it.
We were in a hurry on the way to a funeral, and stopped by our Weigels to get some gas, drinks, and pizza. They advertise the best pizza in town, and we'd had it before and the slices were large and fairly tasty.
My wife picked up the drinks and a couple of slices in the slice boxes with the little windows in the top. Five dollars for two slices, but she figured that was ok because they looked huge.
When we got down the road and opened the boxes, we were treated to the sight of pizza slices that we're literally half the size of the box. For two slices that cost as much as an entire Little Caesars pizza. And they weren't particularly tasty.
I put a photo of the pizza in their photo gallery on Google.

I posted my concern on their Facebook page. My post was removed and I got blocked from posting on their page. I submitted a request to be contacted on their website a week ago, and never got a response.

I really just wanted somebody from the company to reach out to me, offer to replace my pizza, and fix the problem. But all I got was rejection and silence.
So, I'm warning all of you who read this: buy your pizza elsewhere if you want large slices that taste great.

Also, I've noticed that the Walmart gas station on Clinton highway has 100% gas considerably cheaper than this Weigels, if that's your thing. It's mine...I only run 100% gas in everything I own. The Walmart gas station had it for around twenty cents cheaper. And you don't have to listen to Me Weigel blasting at you from the pump speaker.

And...Weigels is the only gas station I've seen in the area that sells Mello Yello for full price. Everyone else had it for a dollar for a long time, and only recently went up to $1.25. Weigels sells it for around two dollars for some unknown reason.

Other than that, their building and grounds are clean and the people seem pleasant. And they have a lot of pumps. They used to be my go-to for 100% gas, but now there are other options.
I absolutely love the new Weigels in Kodak. Well lit, well stocked and WELL STAFFED. Great prices. Easy in & Easy out. Several registers ALWAYS open.We welcome you with open arms. The other stores in Kodak only have one register open and a long line most of the time.
One local store is so ignorant that they close all registers around 3:30 ( when school is out) and make every one stand in a long line until all tills have been counted. Our other local contender will have several people working in the store but only one register open and a very long line. They only call for another cashier after the line is finally down to about three people. The new Weigels keeps their customers moving with multiple registers open ALL the time. AWESOME customer service 24 hours a day EVERYDAY!!! Fast in & Fast out.
Thank you Weigels!!!!
Friendly customer service and good gas prices.
Weigles is always helpful, and have everything you need. Best Quality and deals on milk.

Weigel's Milk Customer Reviews

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