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Exclusive Daily Deal

Marketing Tip: Online consumers use the Internet to search for local deals. An effective marketing strategy to increase your sales is to promote exclusive daily, weekly, and monthly deals on KnoxvillePage.

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10% Military Discount

Marketing Tip: An effective marketing strategy to increase sales and grow your business is to offer promotional discounts to military, first-responders, police, and others that serve our communities.

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15% Off First Service

Marketing Tip: It cost more to acquire new customers than it cost to retain existing customers. An effective marketing strategy is to make it easier for new customers to buy from your business.

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Service Promise to Locals

Your customer value proposition to locals is a promise to them. A well-written value proposition about your business, products, and services to your target audience can be a powerful lead generation magnet and help brand your business locally. Your value proposition will give you a competitive advantage. Be creative and describe the benefits, experience, and value your customers will receive from buying your products and services. If you need help, the KnoxvillePage editorial team can help you craft a well-written value proposition for your business.

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