First Tennessee Plaza
800 S. Gay Street, Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37929
(865) 766-4039

Sales Material Library & Samples

Business Landing Page Sample Designs

Business Landing Page Specs: Download PDF

Splash Page for Keyword w/ Multiple Business: Download PDF

Tommy Trent’s Sports Saloon: Download PDF

Preservation Pub: Download PDF

Earth to Old City: Download PDF

Local Restaurant: Download PDF

Makers Store: Download PDF

Personal Training: Download PDF

Dentist Office: Download PDF

Dott Baker Insurance Sample: Download PDF

Business Landing Page Sales Materials

Business Landing Page Competitor Comparison: Download PDF

Market Research Competitor Comparison: Download PDF

Business Landing Page Work-Order Agreement: Download PDF

Gift Card Sales in the U.S.: Download PDF

Keyword Advertising Sales Materials

Keyword Pricing & Inventory (6/8/2019): Download PDF

Keyword Features & Benefits: Visit Link

Keyword Competitor Comparison: Download PDF

Keyword Work-Order Agreement: Download PDF

Marketplace Sales Materials

Marketplace Competitor Comparison: Download PDF

Marketplace Work-Order Agreement: Download PDF

Marketplace Homepage Design: Download PDF

Marketplace LIVE Website:

Sales Information and Flyers

Company Timeline & History: Download PDF

Three Local Advertising Solutions: Download PDF

Sales PowerPoint Deck: Download PDF

Problems We Solve: Download PDF

10 Psychological Sales Triggers: Download PDF

Sales Process & Workflow: Download PDF

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About PageNearMe, Inc. and KnoxvillePage, LLC

KnoxvillePage, LLC, is a local search engine and eCommerce marketplace for greater Knoxville. The parent company, PageNearMe, Inc., will expand its network of Local for Local platforms by launching,, and in Tennessee this year. And next year, the company will continue expansion and launch 25 Local for Local platforms in college towns across America. The KnoxvillePage, LLC corporate office is located at 800 S. Gay Street, Suite 700, Knoxville, Tennessee 37929.

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