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KnoxvillePage and InsideOfKnoxville Partner to Centralize Knoxville and Promote Local-for-Local

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, June 24, 2019 — Today, KnoxvillePage, LLC announces the official launch of to local business owners in the Knoxville area. The new local-for-local platform is on a mission to centralize Knoxville and promote everything local.

Anthony Ragland and Alan Sims (Knoxville Urban Guy) are the co-founders of KnoxvillePage. Ragland is a 20-year marketing practitioner, UI/UX designer, and computer scientist. Sims is the publisher of the widely-popular blog,

In March 2019, KnoxvillePage was a finalist in the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) ‘What’s the Big Idea’ start-up competition. And in May 2019, KnoxvillePage was hand-selected by KEC to be in their 2019-20 accelerator program.

KnoxvillePage has an opportunity to solve a big local problem,” said Jonathan Sexton, the Chief Operating Officer at KEC. “It’s expensive, complicated, and often ineffective for local businesses to advertise on national websites like Yelp, YellowPages, and Groupon. KnoxvillePage has created an easier and more affordable solution for local businesses to reach local consumers. We’re excited to join their mission and lend a helping hand.”

KnoxvillePage offers three solutions to the local advertising problem. First, they offer business owners a professionally designed and written SEO business page. The business page is optimized to organically rank in Google, Bing, and KnoxvillePage local search engine results.

The business page layout is mobile-first and it features engaging photos, star business ratings, concise copywriting, call-to-action buttons, online gift cards, social media integrations, special offers, customer reviews, and Google reviews. The SEO business page is only $49 per month, for the first 100 customers. The regular price is $99 per month.

The second solution KnoxvillePage offers is keyword advertising on its homepage. Each keyword is exclusive, which means only one local business can register a keyword at a time. Instead of traditional pay-per-click and pay-per-impression advertising models, KnoxvillePage keyword owners receive unlimited impressions, clicks, engagement and leads for a flat fee starting at $89 per month.

The third solution KnoxvillePage offers is an eCommerce marketplace for Knoxville area wholesalers, retailers, vendors, and makers. Marketplace sellers can list and sell their products to local residents and people anywhere in the country. KnoxvillePage charges a one-time product listing fee and a 15% drop shipment processing & handling fee on each order.

We made it a priority to finish working on our marketplace after ‘What’s the Big Idea’,” said Ragland, who designed the marketplace himself. “I started my career in eCommerce. Over 20-years ago, I built and managed an eCommerce store for Evander Holyfield when he was the heavyweight boxing champion. And, I’ve had at least a dozen eCommerce clients over the course of my career as a marketing practitioner. I used all of my experience to design the KnoxvillePage marketplace. My goal was to make it user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, responsive, and scalable. It took me five 14-hour days to design it.”

After five months of meetings, vetting and discussing shared beliefs, Alan Sims officially joined Ragland as a co-founder of KnovillePage in May 2019.

For over nine years, Knoxville Urban Guy (Alan Sims) wrote and published articles about Downtown Knoxville on InsideOfKnoxville. He has published over 2,600 articles to date. And his blog has become the premier source for breaking news about Downtown Knoxville businesses, events and things to do.

As I’ve gotten to know Anthony, I’ve come to realize we think a lot alike and have shared values,” said Sims, co-founder of KnoxvillePage. “We talk a lot about building a company rooted in integrity. And we talk about our shared belief of promoting all things local on KnoxvillePage. I believe in what we are doing. We have a tremendous opportunity to do something special for our city and local communities. “

The two co-founders first met in June 2017 at the USA Cycling National Championships held in Knoxville. After establishing instant rapport during their 15-minute conversation, Sims later mentioned the encounter with Ragland in his blog article entitled, “USA Cycling Championships Deliver in Knoxville”, published on June 26, 2017. And Ragland responded with delight in the comments. At the time, neither Ragland or Sims would have imagined they would become business partners exactly two years later.

I was impressed by Alan’s character and knowledge of Knoxville when I first met him,” said Ragland. “I feel lucky to have him as my co-founder and friend. I learn new things from him every day. Both professionally and personally, he’s a man of integrity. He’s a lunch pail guy who gets up and goes to work every day for the city and people of Knoxville. I admire him and his dedication.”

In keeping with the KnoxvillePage mission and company values to serve the local community, the company donates a portion of its revenue to the non-profit organizations Keep Knoxville Beautiful, The Love Kitchen, and the Joy of Music School.

When Alan and I were talking about our business model, I said it was important to me to donate to local non-profits. Alan instantly agreed,” said Ragland. “It’s great to partner with someone with whom you share values.”

The co-founders of KnoxvillePage, Anthony Ragland and Alan Sims, are available for interviews with local and national reporters. If you would like to learn more about our story, mission and local-for-local platform, please contact us at or call (865) 766-4039.

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KnoxvillePage, LLC, is a local search engine and eCommerce marketplace for greater Knoxville. The KnoxvillePage, LLC corporate office is located at 800 S. Gay Street, Suite 700, Knoxville, Tennessee 37929.

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