Want to Do Something Different and Inexpensive? Here’s Some Ideas for a Fun Knoxville Weekend on a Budget

Whether you are a Knoxville native or visiting the city, there is so much to see and do here. In Knoxville, there’s something for everyone. From wine bars to the rich history and beautiful views, it’s a great location to explore or grab something to eat. A small budget doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a weekend with fun-filled activities with a group or even just a couple. Check out these ideas on where to go to save your wallet but still have a great time. The fun doesn’t have to be expensive.

Learn the history

Knoxville is an area rich in history from Native American burial grounds to museums and monuments, it is a city filled with things for historians and history buffs to see some truly unique locations and learn more about the early foundations of Knoxville.

Groups or solo goers can visit the Farragut Museum and see some of Knoxville’s history and check out a monument of Admiral David Gasglow Farragut.

Those who enjoy trails can check out Fort Higley on Cherokee Trail. This nature-filled trail was once part Union forces fight against the confederacy. Fort Higley was constructed in the heart of the civil war during 1863.

What makes Knoxville so strong may possibly be its strength during the times of Federacy. Visitors looking to learn more about the history can go visit Fort Sanders. The Battle of Fort Sanders ended in federate victory and ultimately ended battles in Knoxville.

Located right in Market Square is the Tennessee Women’s Suffrage Memorial. This is a great landmark to see in understanding how much the country went through to gain women’s rights.

Visit a gallery

Located on South Gay Street, The Market Art Gallery is great for area visitors to take in some local pieces and take the time to understand the artistic expression of Knoxville natives. If you want to do a one-stop shop for a campus tour and soak in some art, the University of Tennessee has a great gallery with works created by student artists.

If you are still looking to see other art, the Knoxville Museum of Art is located in downtown Knoxville. This museum boasts artists from East Tennessee with a variety of creative minds curating works to invoke question and thought in the mind of the viewer. The visual expressions come from private and public works.

Immerse yourself in culture

Learn more about Knoxville’s culture past and present. The Beck Cultural Exchange Center is a location dedicated to the preservation and archival of artifacts. Guests can gain more education about the history of Knoxville to provide insight into what is to come. They say history repeats itself.

Museums are always a great route to take when looking for something that is truly budget friendly but still allows the eyes and mind to explore. You can enjoy the culture, history, and art at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture. This museum has inspiring exhibits from looking into the heart of Appalachia to seeing Egyptian wonders and more. It’s a must-see for Knoxville.

Did you know there is a Girl Scout Museum? Yep! It’s located right in Knoxville. From learning the history behind the creation of the Girl Scouts to seeing what uniforms used to look like, this is a great location for all ages to explore and learn more.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Knoxville is home to gorgeous views of mountains and nature. Ijams Nature Center is home to many trails to explore. This center is part of a recreational and historic preservation initiative called Knoxville Urban Wilderness. Who said you can’t have city and nature all in one? Located a short distance from downtown, this is a great location to breathe in some fresh air and take the views. It’s a great way to relax from all the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s something for every nature lover to do here. From mountain biking and rock climbing to seasonal kayaking, it’s an excellent adventure. Don’t forget to check out the wildlife. Be on the watch for beautiful owls or other birds that may come in your presence.

Do it all

Exploring and adventuring through a city doesn’t have to be expensive. From art and culture to history and nature, there’s so much to do in Knoxville. It’s great to discover new parts of the city. Whether it’s looking at the societal expressions of local artists or taking in all that nature has to offer, Knoxville has places for everyone. Don’t forget to do your own adventuring and even hit up some places that aren’t listed above. Knoxville is all about discovery, self-expression, and individuality. Find yourself on your next Knoxville visit and learn more about what makes the city great.

By: Haley

Freelance Writer

July 24, 2018

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