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KnoxvillePage Frequently Asked Questions

☝ We have a BIG vision. A great mission. And an ambitious plan.

Our vision, mission, and plan were founded in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our VISION is to replicate the KnoxvillePage business model and launch local platforms in over 100 college towns across America.

Our MISSION is to enrich the Knoxville community and local communities across America by donating 10% of our ad revenue to nonprofit organizations.

Our PLAN is to launch, and then,,, and in Tennessee later this year.

✌ Our journey starts with KnoxvillePage, onward.

In 2019, we will continue to execute our expansion plan and launch local platforms in the Southeast region and in select markets. Our goal is launch 100 platforms in local communities and college towns by 2020. All the platforms will be connected and accessible online @

Our plan is to locate our parent company, PageNearMe, Inc. in Knoxville. We want to create a mini-Silicon Valley in Knoxville. Our GOAL is to hire and incubate young creative and technical talent in the area.

We're passionate about our vision, mission, plan, and goal.

We are located in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee ... in the First Tennessee Plaza building, on historic South Gay Street.

❯ Contact Us by Mail:
800 S. Gay Street
Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37929

❯ Contact Us by Email or Phone:

Phone: (865) 766-4039

KnoxvillePage was created with in Knoxville.

KnoxvillePage offers local businesses 2 opportunities to reach and promote their business to local residents, students, and tourists. The BASIC Landing Page and the PRO Landing Page.

The BASIC Landing Page is absolutely free. The PRO Landing Page is $49 per month.

Below are the similarities, differences, and links to examples:

❯ Similarities

✓ ✓ Both landing pages appear in the local search engine results.

✓ ✓ Both landing pages are mobile, tablet, and desktop screen adaptive and responsive.

✓ ✓ Both landing pages are 100% customizable and brandable for local businesses.

✓ ✓ Both landing pages include call-to-action links to save, share, and contact your local business.

✓ ✓ Both landing pages have headlines, descriptions, and value propositions about your business.

❯ Differences

✓ The PRO landing page has a section to promote 3 exclusive deals to locals & tourists, which helps convert visitors into sales.

✓ The PRO landing page has a section to promote your social media pages, which adds credibility and creates more followers.

✓ Businesses with PRO landing pages recieve promo mentions in our social media, email newsletters, & other channels.

✓ Businesses with a PRO landing page recieve unlimited local impressions, clicks, leads, and new customers for a flat monthly fee.

❯ See Examples

➔ To see an example of a BASIC Landing Page and to learn more, please visit: BASIC Landing Page Features & Benefits

➔ To see an example of a PRO Landing Page and to learn more, please visit: PRO Landing Page Features & Benefits

The KnoxvillePage homepage is a one-of-a-kind word cloud. It features 106 carefully selected keywords. Each key-word was selected based on local search frequency and intrigue.

☝ Modern User Experience

The KnoxvillePage homepage is interesting and unique. It is 100% mobile, tablet, and desktop responsive. Which means our homepage adapts to any screen size and provides a great user experience. And it’s creatively-designed to entice online consumers to browse, click, and search to find exclusive local deals and things to do.

✌ Local Advertising Exclusivity

Local business can purchase 1 of the 106 key-words on KnoxvillePage and have exclusive advertising rights to it on our homepage. Each time someone clicks on your homepage key-word, they are taken to your PRO landing page. The combination of key-words and PRO landing pages create exclusive local branding, marketing, and advertising benefits for local businesses.

Also, local business who own a key-word will receive promotional mentions on our social media pages, in our email newsletters, and on other marketing channels. Key-word owners will be invited to exclusive networking events hosted by KnoxvillePage.

❯ See Examples

➔ To learn more about our exclusive homepage key-words, please visit: Homepage Key-Word Features & Benefits

KnoxvillePage is a more affordable local advertising option than Groupon, Yelp, and YellowPages. We are located in Knoxville and our platform was made with in Knoxville, for Knoxville.

☝ Affordable Pricing

Our free and flat-rate pricing model is more small business friendly than traditional pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, and pay-per-lead pricing models. Our advertisers recieve unlimited results (impressions, clicks, leads, social shares, etc) for a low monthly fee.

✌ Content Marketing

KnoxvillePage is a powerful content marketing platform that was built to help Knoxville businesses reach and influence local online consumers with engaging content, exclusive local deals, and things to do in the area.

Local consumers and tourists who visit KnoxvillePage will benefit from our entertaining, inspiring, and informative local articles published daily by our team of copywriters, storytellers, and videographers. Subscribers to our email newsletter can participate in contest and giveaways for being a loyal KnoxvillePage subscriber.

The KnoxvillePage mission is to enrich the Knoxville community. Our goal is to operate a robust platform that helps grow the local economy by connecting Knoxville businesses to local residents, students, and tourists.

In support of our mission … when local businesses purchase an exclusive key-word or a PRO landing page, 10% of the ad revenue is donated to local nonprofit organizations.

Starting in January 2019, KnoxvillePage will have an open application process to select four local nonprofit organizations to be the beneficiaries of KnoxvillePage charitable donations.

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On a Mission to Enrich Knoxville

We're Donate a Percentage of Our Ad Revenue to the Community


Kids Foundation

Starting in June 2019, KnoxvillePage will donate to a organization that benefits kids.


Social Services

Starting in June 2019, KnoxvillePage will donate to a social services organization.


Community Service

Starting in June 2019, KnoxvillePage will donate to a community service organization.


Family Foundation

Starting in June 2019, KnoxvillePage will donate to a local family foundation.