3 Advantages of a BASIC Landing Page

1. Free Online Advertising

Get free local awareness, phone calls, and website traffic for your business.

2. Generate Local Leads

BASIC landing pages entice KnoxvillePage visitors to contact your business.

3. Local Online Marketing

Communicate a clear brand message to local audiences and online consumers.


Features and Benefits of a BASIC Landing Page

We professionally designed the BASIC Landing Page to generate online advertising results for your local business. You get all the features and benefits of our BASIC Landing Page for FREE.


Headline & Elevator Pitch

Write a clear headline and elevator pitch to get the attention of local online customers.

Your Brand Promise

Write a value proposition about your business, products and services to

Website Call-to-Action

Quck button for people to visit your official website for more information.

Billboard Image

Upload a billboard image of your business and showcase it on your landing page.

Quick Contact Links

Online consumers can quickly click-to-call, get directions, and visit your business website.

Experience Image

Upload an experience image that promotes your brand promiste to customers.

Create a BASIC Landing Page on KnoxvillePage

A More Affordable and Local Advertising Option Than YellowPages, Yelp, and Groupon

BASIC Landing Page

$0 Per Month (Free Forever)

For free of charge, you can create a BASIC landing page to promote your business on KnoxvillePage and in our search engine results to generate local exposure, leads and customers for your business.

  • Add your business description, images, headlines, and contact information on your BASIC Landing Page.
  • Get unlimited free website traffic, online engagement, and phone call leads to your business from KnoxvillePage.
  • Upgrade to a PRO landing page and benefit from unlimited impressions, clicks, & leads for a low monthly fee.

On a Mission to Enrich Knoxville

10% of Our Advertising Revenue is Donated to the Communuty


Kids Foundation

In October 2018, KnoxvillePage will select a local organization that benefits kids.


Social Services

In October 2018, KnoxvillePage will select a local social services non-profit organization.


Community Service

In October 2018, KnoxvillePage will select a local community service organization.


Family Foundation

In October 2018, KnoxvillePage will select a local family-owned non-profit organization.