Want to Meet Friendly People or Have Some Fun? 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Knoxville

Whether you want to get away for the weekend or you are looking for the perfect summer vacation, Knoxville, Tennessee will not disappoint. With a population of nearly 180,000 people and boasting more than 104 square miles, there are dozens of reasons why this is the perfect place for your next trip. If you are considering visiting this beautiful Tennessee city, here are just seven reasons you should start packing your bags today.

1. Experience Knoxville History

Knoxville has a rich history that affects many aspects of this city. Knoxville was founded by James White and was originally a small fort and a few cabins. It eventually became a large distributing area due to the proximity of the railroad, river, and other large cities. This city played a significant role in the Civil War and years later, in 1982, it became host to the World’s Fair. Today, there are many attractions, tours, and landmarks to educate you on the history of Knoxville — and America — such as James White’s fort and the Sunsphere.

2. Near the Great Smoky Mountains

Enjoy stunning landscapes and watch various wildlife by driving to The Great Smoky Mountains. Hike, drive, camp, and explore in this large national park. In fact, this is the most visited national park in the country.

3. Downtown is Vibrant & Social

Downtown Knoxville is host to a variety of shops, dining, performances, and more. Visit Market Square and listen to the live music or browse the dozens of vendors at the farmer’s market. There is always something going on downtown and many hotel accommodations are available in this area, helping you stay in the center of the action.

4. Beautiful & Fun Outdoor Activities

While Knoxville offers all the amenities of city life, you can drive just a short distance and step into the great outdoors. A handful of lakes and rivers are just minutes outside of the city, making it easy to enjoy fishing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. There are also several paved and dirt trails for your entire family to enjoy walking, biking, running, and hiking. Plus, there are dozens of golf courses if you wish to spend your weekend on the green.

5. The Local Art Scene is Strong

Whether you love music or beautiful art, the art scene is Knoxville is outstanding. The Art District, for example, is just one area in town where various art galleries and studios line the street. Throughout the year there are various art shows and events, such as Knoxville First Friday. This event highlights local artists throughout the community and offers great music, food, and culture.

6. Countless Events & Festivals

Knoxville hosts various events throughout the year that caters to all interests. Some of the annual events you don’t want to miss include the Knox Asian Fest, the International Biscuit Festival, and the Big Ears Music Festival. Other big celebrations include the International Food Festival, the John Sevier Days Living History Weekend, and the 4th of July Celebration.

7. Activities for the Entire Family

Knoxville is a family-friendly city. There are activities, events, and attractions that appeal to individuals of all ages. The Knoxville Zoo is excellent for young animal lovers and the Ijams Nature Center teaches children about nature and wildlife through educational programs and experiences. Whether your perfect day consists of spending time in a museum or out on the lake, you can make it happen in Knoxville.

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By: Anthony


June 04, 2019

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