5 Date Night Ideas in West Knoxville

By: Isabel Hershko

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or seeing someone new, one thing is certain: planning an unforgettable date can be a challenge. To start, you have to find something your beau will enjoy. On top of that, you also need to select an activity that will help you bond and get to know one another better. Luckily, when you live in a city as exciting and diverse as Knoxville, planning your next night out is a breeze.

To craft an unbelievable evening, the first step is to think about what your girl likes. What are her passions and interests? For example, is she a sports lover? Does she adore music? Once you’ve figured this out, all that’s left is to select one of the amazing activities our great city has to offer. Below, we’ve compiled a list of date-night ideas in the West Knoxville area, all based on the type of girl you’re taking out.

How to Plan the Perfect Date Night in West Knoxville

1. For the Music Lover: Open Chord Music Venue

There’s something magical about standing in a crowd and watching people play music. The experience is enough to transform an ordinary night out into one for the books. If your special lady has more albums than pairs of socks, take her to the Open Chord Music Venue.

This hip café and music venue is the perfect place to experience something new together.  With everything from Blues to Heavy Metal bands, finding the perfect show to suit her tastes will be easy. After you’re both finished jamming and dancing, treat your date to a delicious craft beer. While you enjoy your drinks, the two of you can chat about the show, your favorite songs, and more!

2. For the Kid at Heart: JumpJam Extreme Air Sports

Do you remember how fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid? As we get older, many people leave these types of activities behind. But who says you can’t have some fun in the air as an adult? If your date prides herself on being a kid at heart, JumpJam Extreme Air Sports will put a smile on her face. This one-of-a-kind location features all types of trampoline activities.

Choose from air-basketball, a foam pit, or an obstacle course. Or, if your lady likes to get a little competitive, bring her to one of JumpJam’s organized activities. Some examples are their slackline or extreme dodgeball. The two of you will create fond memories as you laugh and jump around. This is a particularly great idea if the romance is new. The laid-back atmosphere will make it easy for your date to let loose and be herself.

3. For the Artsy Girl: Liza Moz’ Pottery

Some girls feel most fulfilled with a paintbrush or crayon in their hands. If this is the case with your beau, treat her to a date night of pottery painting. Once you arrive, you’ll both have the option to select from a wide range of blank pieces. Then, you can both chat and talk about your projects while she lets her creative side show. At the end of the date, you’ll both have adorable keepsakes to remember the evening by!

4. For the Mystery-Solver: Escape Game Knoxville

Escape rooms have become a trend all the own over the last few years. And when you think about all they involve, it’s no secret why! If your crush loves adventures and puzzles, this activity is perfect for date night. The two of you will work together to solve the mystery of the Escape Room. Combined with a time limit, a little bit of adrenaline, and quick thinking, Escape Room Knoxville will take your evening to the next level.

5. For the Game-Lover: Main Event Entertainment

Some date nights might include a quick movie, followed by a trip to a restaurant. But if you’re looking for entertainment and good eats all under one roof, Main Event Entertainment is the place to beat. This venue offers everything you need to keep the fun going all night long. To start, they offer everything from bowling and billiards to laser tag and video games. You and your beau will start the evening with a healthy dose of friendly competition. Then, you can take a break from the excitement for a delicious bite to eat. Their menu consists of the perfect mix of bar food and high-end cuisine, so you can be sure she’ll leave satisfied.

Your date plans should be like your partner: unique, unforgettable, and fun. With so many venues and activities to choose from, the city of Knoxville will help make the evening your best one yet. Be sure to check out one of these exciting locations for your next romantic night out! We’re sure that you and your lovely lady will have an incredible time together.

By: Anthony


June 02, 2018

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